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Fast & Furious 7 – Filiming on Monach Pass

Colorado Office of Film, Television, & Media

Fast and Furious & poster

For you movie buffs, Fast & Furious 7 will be filming on Monarch Pass this September.  Ski Town Condos Vacation Rentals on Monarch Pass is the perfect place to stay while catching some of the filming in action!

Fast & Furious 7 

On August 29, the Economic Development Commission approved incentives for the blockbuster franchise, Fast & Furious 7. They are scheduled for a 23 day second unit shoot on both Pikes Peak and Monarch Pass. With the approved incentive, producers agreed to extend their stay in the state and shoot additional car-racing scenes. Filming will begin immediately.  


Exterior sunny fall day of a log sided 4-plex with Aspen trees full of gold leaves and pine trees behind. White gravel in the driveway, gazebo surrounded by wild flowers.

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