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Looking for that perfect Christmas Tree?


Exterior winter scene in the forest with snow snow on the pine trees.

Looking for that perfect Christmas tree?Cutting
a Christmas tree in a national forest is a tradition for many families
where nothing will do but a tree they cut themselves.In doing so, you take an active part in managing your national forests as you celebrate your own family’s holiday tradition! Permit is $10 with the US Forest Service, good till December 31, 2022.

Winter scene in the forest with snow, trees, cross country skiing

Do you know your trees?

Pinon Pine

Engelmann Spruce

Blue Spruce

Douglas Fir

Sup-Alpine Fir

White Fir

Lodgepole pine

Ski Town Condos is located in the San Isabel National Forest, perfect place to look for your Christmas tree. Condos $200 to $250 per night + 7.3% tax and $50 cleaning fee.


Gigi Griefenberg, Owner
Ski Town Condos Vacation Rentals, your Monarch and Salida Colorado Lodging Choice

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